My husband, George, and I moved from Alaska to Nuevo Arenal in April 2014. We discovered the area’s beauty, perfect climate (for us) and community atmosphere, while vacationing in Costa Rica, six months earlier, and fell in love with everything about it. We purchased Karacters in July of that year and have been happily busy ever since.


Karacters Bar and Restaurant has come to be known as “Gringo Headquarters”. There are always plenty of “Karacters” here, willing to give free advice – weather it be good, bad or total BS – and help with whatever you need. We have an extremely laid back atmosphere and we all have a lot of fun.


Karacters is the only restaurant, that we’ve found, that has USDA grade hamburger and jumbo kosher hotdogs. We serve both American and Mexican cuisine. Our bar is stocked with a variety of liquors and we actually do have the coldest beer in the Universe! Check it out.  Kids are always welcome at Karacters and will be given coloring material or other games (and maybe a puppy:) to keep them entertained.


The staff at Karacters is fabulous! Very friendly and accommodating and will play (almost) any music you would like to hear. Dancing is acceptable, even if the music is only in Your head!


While in Nuevo Arenal you can go to the public park on the shore of beautiful Arenal Lake, or just take a leisurely stroll around our quaint, little town and soak up the local vibe!

My Superman!

Where Ticos & Gringos Unite!